DITEX offers a unique revenue-sharing opportunity & ownership of various ventures, all without the complexities of direct involvement.
Similar to Micro Private Equity, DITEX offers weekly ROI in LP tokens from the income of several businesses including our potential unicorn: Matchful, the world's 1st partner app with a unique algorithm and AI-integration.
With the rapidly expanding crypto industry, many teams are launching new projects that lack underlying value or offer income through staking that is not backed by any real income. In contrast, the Ditex Ecosystem is committed to including only products that meet user demand and are relevant to the market, which attracts a steady flow of new users. This ensures that the products in the Ditex Ecosystem are valuable and sustainable in the long term.
As a result, Ditex token holders receive income in LP tokens (USDT equivalent) from the diverse real-world businesses that the Ditex team has established, rather than receiving non-substantiated staking rewards. By investing in the Ditex ecosystem, token holders can rest assured that their earnings are directly linked to the actual revenue generated by the ecosystem's customers. This system ensures that token holders are incentivized to invest in the ecosystem's success and provides them with a tangible financial return.
Last modified 3mo ago